Toxic-Toast SEO


Testimonials – Yoast is toast.

Do not hire Yoast or use their SEO plugin. You’ll get hollow promises with spammy intrusive ads.

Yoast … sucks because it devotes more screen space in your dashboard to ads than it does its own functionality. – source

Yoast is a brand that wants you to never forget about the fact that you are using one of it’s products. This is why Yoast SEO is one of the plugins that constantly updates without any real new functions. – source

Yoast SEO is recommended as a “Premium” and a must-have plugin to be used in all WordPress websites. Obviously this plugin does not “do SEO” – all it had to do is noindex media pages which it did for several years until it bombed. … Yoast development team is lacking minimal quality assurance capabilities as they could have easily found this bug. – source

If your content sucks, then no plugin, developer or an SEO can help you rank high. Make sure that your content is always the best and it answers the question your user has searched on Google. – source

Yoast’s supposedly customized report to us is one of the shoddiest, error-filled documents I have ever encountered in my thirty-plus years as a professional. This Yoast SEO Review also provides a window into the power that Google has over Internet-based businesses. … The “review” Yoast gave our site was full of cut and paste boilerplate, and worse: chock full of flat out incorrect statements about our site and our business. Many of the recommendations weren’t merely useless; some would have damaged the site’s functioning or our business had we been foolish enough to implement them. … their price for this type of report [is] $2500. … Yoast relented and provided a full refund, so his report to us has been removed. – source

I’m not sure if their support staff actually knew anything about support. My impression was, for every support ticket I submitted, I got about 10% support information and about 90% hard sell sales pitch on Yoast SEO Products and services. It was disgraceful how shamelessly their support staff went about trying to upsell their customers. – source

A single fact spoken by a Google representative will be taken out of context by a hundred SEO professionals at varying levels of experience, or misquoted as fact in a single blog post then syndicated by ten other sites. – source

When you create a website with great content and user experience (UX), it makes people just convert naturally on your website and you don’t need to do ongoing SEO. – source

SEO is made out to appear difficult by the people trying to sell high-priced SEO services to those who are ignorant of how easy it really is to do most of it themselves. Continue to create great content that people want to consume and share; content that’s valuable, informative, and original. – source

Good SEO is good marketing, but the acronym ‘SEO’ has been dirtied almost beyond repair by con-artists and the inept engaging the concepts poorly. – source

I’m quitting the SEO industry. We have a worse reputations than used car salesmen and there’s no one to blame but us. Our reputation has been tarnished by these fly-by-night scam-artists. Something must be done to protect consumers from these “leaches” for one and for second we need to form key partnerships to rebuild our collective reputation. Something really stinks in the SEO world and it has to change rapidly if we wish to continue being credible catalysts… – source