Toxic-Toast SEO


Updated: December 2018

“Since I already paid another annual Yoast premium, I’ll wait until it expires and then revisit SEO plugin removal.”

First ask yourself, “What is SEO?” If you mean page rank, what evidence is there page rank improves with your tweaked SEO plugin settings (rich snippets)?

The only metrics that count are more sales and increases in organic traffic. Those are the only concrete evidence your SEO work is paying off. Are those improving? We doubt the SEO plugin has anything to do with it.

Switching from Yoast SEO to another plugin without disrupting page rank? No one can promise that. And if they do, they’re selling a wish. But switching is less of a risk than past Yoast weirdness.

The Yoast 2018 bug proves Yoast SEO is artificial and fragile for page ranking. Removing the Yoast “benefits” reduced page rank to it’s real position. There’s no proof but cheating tricks are ineffective or neutralized by Google.

What does it take to get rid of Yoast without disrupting my SEO?

Migrate the Yoast SEO database to substitute alternative SEO plugins. The second most popular plugin – after Yoast – is All in One SEO Pack. But is even that necessary?


There are reasons not to use Yoast SEO plugin. But does any SEO plugin provide provable benefit? Have you ever seen credible benchmarks ranking improvement? How do you measure SEO reduction changes by competition or fluctuating market needs? Impossible. It’s about consumer behavior.

Ensure your content intent is what users want to find when they search. That’s the bottom line.

SEO is now controlled by a machine-learning algorithm called RankBrain. RankBrain is smarter. It identifies patterns and penalizes unscrupulous actors attempting to game Google.

RankBrain is an algorithm-learning artificial-intelligence system used by Google since October 2015. It helps Google to process and provide more relevant search results for users. RankBrain is the third most important factor after links and content. RankBrain interprets the relationships between words. You can’t influence RankBrain with any SEO plugin.

RankBrain allowed Google to speed up the algorithmic testing. They now choose the best content for any particular keyword search. This means old methods of gaming rankings with false signals are less and less effective.  The highest quality content  ranks higher in Google from a human perspective.

Content frequency, recency and relevance aren’t rewarded with a great ranking anymore. Search engine users – and search engines – are now trying to find amazing content with great value.

Gaming SEO with plugins has negative value for the future.

Yoast SEO plugin takes 240 milliseconds to load. SEO makes no page rank difference. Those negatives are counterculture and even absurd to The Herd. Situational hopelessness and despair.

By pursuing lame unresolvable SEO, you’re almost guaranteed to fail and lose. You’ve chosen to slay invisible dragons. Jousting with quixotic windmills. You can never be perfect or good enough using an SEO plugin. You condemn yourself for falling short with a fake measuring stick. It’s the perfect trap of idealistic unrealism – and obsessive-compulsive behavior. A waste of life. No acceptance. Always falling short of the ideal.

Real applause comes from visitors seeking answers – or entertainment to fight boredom. Google search and Yoast SEO plugin don’t make site content worthy of attention. You do.

Your frenzied SEO work is disposable. It’s bathroom tissue. Zero future value because technology is in complete chaos. Change obsoletes SEO attempts. The Internet and it’s rules are volatile and in vulnerable commotion.

SEO tweaking is strain with little perceptible reward. It makes us weary. It’s exhausting waste. Unless your livelihood depends on it. If you sell SEO services, then it’s relevant to you.

SEO is pounding your head against a brick wall. It has zero longterm future-value and requires constant maintenance and updates. SEO rules are whimsical and concocted.

SEO fiddling is a self-imposed hamster wheel. The antidote? Self-control and discipline. No seductive greed and fear.

Fact: Building a website while concentrating on SEO is a ticking time bomb.

Why? If you take your eyes off SEO for 15 minutes, your knowledge is obsolete. New things come out nonstop. One decision made by one power-hungry company alters the Internet landscape. The “SEO rules” are changing, unpublished, and ignored by the rule makers.

Are SEO tactics cognitive dissonance?

Cognitive dissonance is about barking up the wrong tree. The more you try to convince someone they don’t need something – the more they want it. Deep inside they know they’re wasting their life chasing an illusion. Fiddling. But they can’t admit Pareto’s Principle exists. 80 percent of what they suppose is true (or productive) is actually false. That waste makes no change. That’s The Herd mentality again.

Cognitive dissonance applies to almost all human decision making. We accept new ideas reinforcing our old thinking. It’s a futile exercise in trivia chasing (tactics not objectives). It’s hypervigilance on irrelevant dust. “Futility-seekers” think SEO gives artificial meaning or purpose.

Are Yoast’s feigned empathy and saintly mask for darker motives? That’s cognitive dissonance. That’s inconsistent behavioral decisions and attitudes. We all have it to a degree – the Jungian Shadow self. It’s an unproductive belief in fiction or myth.

Our job is bringing order out of chaos. That includes eliminating or reducing self-serving deception (plugin myths). This requires your courage. Remove Yoasrt SEO plugin.

Yoast isn’t an evil conspiracy. They’re normal business people focused on survival – unaware of real their motivation.

“How much time and agony people spend fiddling – and fiddling – and worrying about SEO … it’s insane.”

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